Building Survey

Building Surveys

When dealing with properties it is important that we are fully informed about the condition of the property, and the cost of repair prior to purchase. This applies to all properties, whether they be commercial, industrial or residential. At AJH Associates we offer surveys to provide the purchaser with detailed information on condition to allow a balanced judgement of the purchase price, and suitability of the property before the transaction is made.

Surveys offer a close, detailed examination of all internal and external components of a building; including services and drainage. Surveys will identify any defects, including damp, woodworm, dry rot and other infestations. As with all Building Surveys of this nature it is not feasible for the Surveyor to open up any structures or parts of the building that are not easily accessed, this includes wall linings and under carpets. However, it is surprising what an experienced surveyor can detect from minimal visiable defects.

Our reports include a detailed description of the property and defects or concerns noted by the Surveyor. We try our utmost to utilise laymen's terms to avoid confusion. AJH Associates also offers our clients the opportunity to discuss their survey and report with the Surveyor.

There are various types of building surveys, however, they should all be carried out by qualified professionals. AJH Associates are accredited by the RICS and have years of experience in carrying out inspections and reports.



CDM Principal Designer

AJH Associates offers a design service in support of our refurbishment and project management skills. We are able to aid clients of all building type and age with their development, refurbishment and alterations. We offer feasibility studies, development of schemes - where we work closely with the client to ensure they obtain exactly what they require. We can then prepare plans and submit them to the Local Authority for Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval.

The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations are intended to ensure that health and safety issues are properly considered during a project’s development so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced. Under the 2015 revisions AJH can act as Principal Designer offering the following services;

  • Informing the client of their duties under the regulations.
  • Planning, managing and monitoring health and safety in the pre-construction phase, including; identifying, eliminating or controlling foreseeable risks; and ensuring designers carry out their duties.
  • Helping compile pre construction information and providing it to designers and contractors.
  • Preparing the H&S file and then reviewing, updating and revising it as the project progresses.
  • Liaising with the principal contractor to help in the planning, managing, monitoring and co-ordination of the construction phase.
  • Taking into account the general principles of prevention.
  • Ensuring that all persons working in relation to the pre-construction phase cooperate with the client, the principal designer and each other.
  • Checking that designers have sufficient skills, knowledge, experience and (if they are an organisation) the organisational capability to carry out the work.


Applicable to commercial and industrial properties of all types which are involved in changing tenancies. The outgoing tenant or landlord may require for a schedule of dilapidations to be prepared. AJH Associates carry out dilapidations for across the north west and can prepare complete schedules with record photographs, negotiate with incoming tenants where appropriate and offer supporting services where required.

Project Management

Project Management

Project Managements is usually carried out in conjunction with refurbishment, maintenance and repair on all building types. Project management can include preparation of schedules of work, tendering and managing the building contracts. This will include all works from inception to completion. Services offered can include cost control, certification of accounts, forward planning and budgeting; all to ensure our clients receive the right project at the right time to an agreed budget. Other services offered in conjunction would be design, planning and detailing. AJH Associates carries a vast range of experience in this field and has carried out such works for the Coniston Hall Hotel, North Yorkshire; Calderstones Barn, Clitheroe and The Inn at Whitewell to name a few, as well as smaller projects and domestic dwellings.


Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to clients and their legal advisors who require specialist reports and opinions upon building defects, unsatisfactory work by contractors, and occasionally, unsatisfactory reporting of buildings surveyed by others. Expert witness reports can be used to settle disputes between contractors, client and builders arising out of construction or contract malpractice.

 Building Survey

Party Wall Issues

The Party Wall Act 1996 requires that one or two surveyors be appointed in matters that affect buildings adjacent to each other. In this respect, buildings can also refer to land.

AJH Associates act as Party Wall surveyors for clients throughout the North West region and guide them through the Act, ensure that the necessary notices are presented, or received as the case may be. It is essential that any works, apart from very minor construction work, is considered under this Act and the appropriate notices given.

 Building Survey

Reinstatement Cost Assessment - Fire Insurers Costs

This service is provided either as a separate activity or as part of a building survey. The work involves measuring the buildings, including outbuildings, grounds and boundaries, car parks and service areas, and calculating the cost of reconstruction in the events of a fire. The calculation includes a number of hidden costs such as demolition and site clearance, consultants fees for redesign, VAT where it is applicable, and is carried out in accordance with RICS Guidance Notes, and for more complex buildings from bespoke calculations.


Deed Plan

Deed Plans

A deed plan is a plan drawn on or attached to any kind of a deed to illustrate boundaries and ownership. AJH Associates have completed a number of deed plans for a range of property types.


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